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    Doing SEO for small businesses is an art – balancing the right strategy with a limited budget.

    At Rank Local, we understand the challenges small businesses face when it comes to tackling SEO. Your small business needs to produce results in the short term without ignoring vital SEO needs that can cause your website issues in the long-term. We can help you with all your SEO needs – from A to Z.


    Rank Local can write high-quality content supported by keyword research, on-page preparation, and strategic content briefs. We’ll even handle publishing your content to get it live and in front of your customers.

    Here are the types of content we can create for your website:


    Rank Local handles the analysis of existing page rankings, identifies opportunities, and works within your website’s Content Management System (CMS) to implement SEO recommendations for you.

    Imagine having one partner for all your SEO needs. Rank Local can make the following type of back-end edits as a part of a fully managed SEO service:


    With more than 500 small business SEO projects under our belt, Rank Local has the experience to take your website to the next level. Start ranking at the top of Google’s search engine results pages for relevant and highly converting keywords to drive more customers to your business.


    We use our proprietary organic/paid keyword analysis software to get you the most out of your marketing dollars.

    This leading-edge software connects to Google Ads and GSC APIs to analyze keyword data side by side. It automatically tells you which keywords you should be bidding on due to not ranking in the top 3, or if you do not need to be bidding due to strong organic coverage.

    Rank Local helps enterprise clients WIN:

    In the world of enterprise, CMS can be complex. Often the more complex systems use JavaScript technologies such as Angularjs and React. As a result, this can make on-page and technical SEO (especially crawlability) far more difficult.

    Many Enterprise CMS’ also have an ecommerce component which requires a different set of skills.

    Our team has an intimate understanding of these CMS challenges. We have a full breadth of experience tackling these obstacles in the most efficient way possible.

    CMS can also make tracking (mainly for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager) difficult. The ecommerce component will require its own enhanced tracking setup.

    CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.) are frequently used by enterprise clients. In most cases they want these connected to traffic tracking systems like Google Analytics in order to close their marketing loop.

    Our enterprise SEO consultants can help you make sense of CMS complexities and easily build out your tracking system to give you insights at every stage of the customer journey and future proof your data integrity.

    Enterprise websites normally get higher traffic with visitors clicking through to thousands of pages through millions of keywords.

    • Google Search Console saves keyword data
    • Google Analytics saves traffic and user behaviour data
    • Google Ads saves paid traffic data

    Limitations of Google tools

    Google provides these tools to connect data, yet it does not provide a full view. Therefore, analyzing data and getting cross-platform insights can be difficult.

    Google Search Console saves only 16 months’ worth of data, adding more challenges to year over year historic data analysis.

    An enterprise SEO company that doesn’t have proprietary systems built to handle large sets of data, will not have the capabilities to support enterprise SEO clients. At Rank Local we have proprietary tools that we’ve built specially to manage SEO and easily draw actionable insights for your business.

    Does your enterprise business have multiple locations/offices and operate in in several countries? To handle an enterprise SEO project, a client will require a partner with in-depth international SEO knowledge and local SEO expertise to support hundreds of locations.

    Our team understands these location challenges and can provide the resourcing to handle the needs of large clients.



    We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


    $ 500 Monthly Package
    • 10 keywords
    • Targeted Suburbs
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 1 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords <br> report


    $ 750 Monthly Package
    • 20 keywords
    • Targeted one City
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 2 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords and visibility report


    $ 1000 Monthly Package
    • 40 keywords
    • Target Multiple City
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 4 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords and visibility report


    $ 1500 Monthly Package
    • 60 keywords
    • Target New Zealand wide
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 6 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords, visibility and analytics report