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    Your enterprise business may be facing unique SEO challenges.

    The recent Google algorithm update – BERT is the largest in a decade and fundamentally changes how pages are ranked. The algorithm helps Google understand the nuances and contexts of words using natural language processing (NLP) as they crawl and index pages.

    Small business SEO should prioritize user experience on their website. When a person visits your site, make it easy for them to navigate the pages and make it search engine friendly.

    If your website is built on WordPress the good news is there are several optimizations that can be made on this CMS.

    Our team has the internal resources to execute technical changes to your website. Whether it’s helping it load faster or creating a better user experience to drive more conversions. We can offer you a webmaster on retainer with two full time developers to cross more tasks off your list.

    Through a discovery call process with the client, the Rank Local team will work to understand their business and discover their top competitors. This insight is key to informing keyword research to pinpoint which words are being searched by potential leads and customers.

    Leveraging this research, the team will map out the keywords on existing website pages alongside determining if there are content gaps that require new website pages to be built. The mapping also will identify existing pages that could be used for the targeted keywords.

    The Rank Local team will provide SEO recommendations for pages that will be used to target top keywords such as:

    • Title tags
    • Description tags
    • Headers
    • Body content

    If you don’t have the resources to implement these changes, we can readily implement on-page SEO changes to your website quickly.

    For small businesses with a physical location, a Google My Business (GMB) profile can help improve rankings. Rank Local will optimize your business profile and use our customer advocacy system to attract more positive reviews. These are upvotes that tell Google you’re a trusted business.

    Small businesses may not want to invest in expensive PR services to get word out about their products/services. This means the potential for getting links to their website can be challenging. However, a strong link profile is necessary for ranking. Rank Local has a state of art link building solution that considers quality and quantity without breaking the bank.


    Concerned about edits made to your live site? Want to test the impact on UX and conversion rate first?

    We’ll stage all SEO implementations on your website on a test site first for your approval. See what they look like and the impact on metrics before they’re published live on your site! So, there’s no surprises and you get to sign-off on all changes.



    We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


    $ 500 Monthly Package
    • 10 keywords
    • Targeted Suburbs
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 1 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords <br> report


    $ 750 Monthly Package
    • 20 keywords
    • Targeted one City
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 2 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords and visibility report


    $ 1000 Monthly Package
    • 40 keywords
    • Target Multiple City
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 4 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords and visibility report


    $ 1500 Monthly Package
    • 60 keywords
    • Target New Zealand wide
    • On page
    • Off page
    • 6 Blog per month
    • Monthly keywords, visibility and analytics report